Anonymous asked:

Prompt: the heating stops working in Dan and phil's apartment Dan finds Phil snuggled up on the couch under his duvet and joins him.

whyisdanonfire answered:

"shit" dan muttered. the heater continued to beep incessantly.  punching buttons rapidly, he cursed "come on. come on. fuck". he kicked it once, in a desperate attempt, giving into defeat. dan shivered, realizing just how cold it was in the apartment. dan hurried to his room, pulling on a sweatshirt and putting on thick socks. but it wasnt enough. the cold seemed to chill him to the bone, and no layer of clothing could change that. maybe i can just make something hot to drink, he thought, walking towards the kitchen. maybe phil would like some?

"phil!" dan called across the apartment. "can i make you some hot chocolate?"

"actually, im all good" phil replied, his voice distant.

"how can you be?! its fucking freezing in here," dan said as he walked up towards the lounge. "what are you even doing in here?" 

phil lay on the couch, huddled under his bright duvet. 

"well dont you look comfortable. is it warm?" dan chuckled.

"really" phil smiled.

dan threw the cover back and squeezing next phil, trying to warm himself up. phils body was warm and toasty and dan melted into him. phil leaned down, kissing the top of his head. dan turned his lips up to meet phils when he leaned down again, feeling the warmth of phils kiss spread through his entire body. 

phil slid his hands behind dans back, lifting up his shirt. he rubbed dans back slowly as their lips collided. dan moaned into phils mouth, pressing closer and closer into phils embrace.

"are you warm now?" phil whispered.

"ive never been warmer" 

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